Saturday, March 24, 2012

Un-Sight-ly: Too Attached To Your Attachments?

Now we are all aware of the many different accessories that Nerf has released over the years for their N-Strike lineup. There are sights and lights to spare, but which ones should you use?

There are tactical lights, tactical sights, tactical scope, barrels and clips upon clips. Some came with the guns, and some came packaged separately.

For the most part many of these accessories are useless in terms of practicality, but many people enjoy them for the aesthetic value they hold; all in the name of tacti-cool. This is not a bad thing in the lightest though sometimes it can get a little out of hand, and thinking out which accessories you will use or, even better, be useful is a decision that some seem to find harder than necessary.

Take pistols for example. Nitefinders, Mavericks, Elements, Scouts, etc... There are many of these hand held blasters that come with tactical rails, and it may be fun to attach things to them. However, when it comes to HvZ or a Nerf war you may want to reconsider in terms of what will be most useful. The smaller blasters were made to be small, and attaching a large tactical light may look cool; but you have now added both size and weight to a blaster that was meant for easy carrying.
There may be scenarios in which this may work, but for the most part there is usually a better weapon to stick that large piece of plastic on.

Then comes another thought. Vulcan, Recons, and Longstrikes all seem to have more rails than you know what to do with. Should you stick something on that rail or leave it empty? Again, you can add things for the sake of aesthetics, but practicality may be the better option once again. Many of the rifles came with completely useless sights. So why use them? Not everyone can afford to pick up a Pinpoint Mission Kit, but there are better options with what to do with your tactical rails. That light you may have wanted to tote around for those late night HvZ missions might be better suited for your Alpha Trooper or Recon rather than that minimized Nitefinder you have stuffed in your back pocket. So think carefully before you start loading up.

When it all comes down to it, the facility of attachment that they have makes it easy to move attachments around from blaster to blaster, but why carry more than you need? There are many other questions and thoughts to take into consideration when choosing your blaster accessories, and there may not be anything wrong with loading them on like a madman; but should you?

This may not have been the most comprehensive entry about N-Strike accessories, but I hope it helps people to look at the whole scope before attaching theirs.

(P.S. I apologize for my disgusting amount of puns, all intended.)

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