Hello everyone!
I'm sure if you've been looking through my blog you've seen some great pictures of some great Nerf blasters.
You probably thought to yourself that you wish you had a cool custom foam blaster.
Perhaps something like these:

Well the great news is, YOU CAN!
I do commissions! So feel free to contact me if your interested in having an awesome, and one of a kind blaster in your collection.
I do small internal mods along with every blaster I customize. (Usually AR and post removal)
I do some of the best and highest quality paint jobs you will see out there.

If you're interested then email me at
I can get you price quotes on specific blasters, shipping included (considering you provide a zip code), and we can get you on your way to having one heck of an awesome blaster to show off to those nerf buddies of yours.

At the current moment our only accepted form of payment is Paypal.

So order a commission today!