Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nerf Hailfire. What Does It Really Look Like?

So everyone,
There is news of a new series of "Elite" N-Strike blasters from Nerf. The biggest and baddest being the Nerf Hailfire. The problem is you may not really be able to tell what your seeing from the teaser video. So I took some of my artistic talent and did my best to recreate what was visible, so that you can have a better look at the new Nerf Hailfire.

The original video showed this.

And I turned it into this.

It's obvious to me that it holds 4 clips, has a trigger known only on flywheel blasters, a handle to hold it, and a tactical rail towards the back.
That is the best depiction I could give you based on over an hour at a sketchpad, staring down the vid. I hope you like it, and now have a better look at the new Nerf Hailfire.


  1. I don't like the 4 clip idea but what you turned the hailfire into I could live with.

  2. this looks crazy! very good job on your depiction!

  3. I think that its a 4 clip solution with revolver funktion and flywheels.

    First clip emty? Circle to the second in no time, just by manually switching the next Mag in position.

    With Raider drummags you would get 4 drums * 35 = 150 Darts!

  4. Nice looks like the clips are on a rotator and so has an auto clip switch

  5. NeoCreations, SGNerf wants to use your drawing on his blog for an idea of what it looks like for his readers, of course wIth full credit to you. Tell him if you're good with it.

    1. I'm not sure where to get a hold of him at, i'll try to find it after work today, but i'll happily let him use it if he wants to. Just credit and link here

    2. Neo Creations,

      Your recreated artwork looks great!

      I've posted it as an update on my blog, and directed the credits back to you and your site. :)

  6. I think it'll be a little bigger and have no clear color but red and gray

    1. The elite series colors are suposed to be blue and orange, so that probably wont happen unless they make special editions like they do most other nerf guns!


    Here it is. Image from a Swiss site.
    For all those who don't speak German.
    It says Free Delivery and Available September 20th.

    8 x clips. 48 shots.
    Just guessing but it looks like a clip fed barricade.
    So flywheel system gun which is semi auto.
    It's using the activation switch in the handle just like on the rayven.

    Judging by the gap between the clips there’s no way a drum will fit. But straight 18 clips should be fine. So that’s 144 shots!
    Possibly the most ridiculous gun nerf have ever realised.

    Two questions.
    1 Does it auto rotate?
    2 What voltages can it handle?

  8. You do realize there is more to the N-strike elite series than rampage ,retaliator and hailfire. There is a confirmed fourth gun, called the stockade, which will be released last minuite 2012 to early-mid 2013. On top of that, there is an unconfirmed nite-finder type gun called the firestrike or furystrike(crude Japanese translation). *=IDK. Looks like stockade is
    Guns from price low to high: motorized,which could bring up
    firestrike-$10-$20 up the price alot.
    Hailfire-$50-$100 NOTE: these are crude estimates!

  9. Follow up from me: there are actual pics of nerf hailfire at: