Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just A Couple Of Mavericks

We at Neo Creations have been busy coming up with a few new Mavericks, and have come away with some pretty excellent results. The ideas for these came shortly after visiting the Treasure Island hotel & casino in Las Vegas at the beginning of April, and took a few weeks to complete. We decided to make a sort of navel themed gun, as well as a bit of an undead pirate blaster. Alongside this we got to work making the replica of my wife's Maverick for the giveaway on my upcoming birthday.

They are all still fully function with AR/Post Removal on the Navy and Undead blasters, and AR removal on the two others. There really isn't much more that I can say about them as the pictures really speak for themselves.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Giveaway!

Good news everyone!
Today is April 22 which means....!!!! It's not my birthday yet!
My birthday is in exactly one month! May 22! And I wanna celebrate a little bit hobbit style in that I am going to be giving away a gift to one lucky person!
As you all know I have a rather extensive collection of things, and quite the knack for awesomeness. So in keeping with the awesomeness I am going to be doing giveaways not only on my birthday, but we will signal that as the start for a bi-monthly giveaway!

To sign up for the giveaway you have to be a watcher on my blog, and leave a comment on this entry. Also, even though it's not necessary, I would love to know, out of the blasters I have done, which is your favorite.

You can see the most extensive collection of my pictures on deviantart account or look at what I've done here on the blog and decide from there. It's always great to get feedback on what I've done, and see what people have liked the most.

So this is my birthday gift and beyond to you!
A replication of my wife's awesome personal Maverick Rev-6!

S.L.A.N.G. Salt Lake Nerf Geeks First Battle of the Season

Today I finally got my chance to do a little warring with other nerfers!
I found out about S.L.A.N.G. while on the NerfRev site, and was finally able to meet a few of them when I went out to one of our local parks. Weather was sunny, about 83 degrees, and hardly any wind. We had a small group this time, but it was mainly because the S.L.A.N.G. season opener was originally planned for last Saturday, but had to be changed on account of weather.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creatology Super Strike Blaster Review

So, I usually don't do reviews, but I found a blaster I had never seen before at a Michael's craft store of all places. It was only $7 so I really had no choice but to buy it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Neo-Creations Shift in Products

Hello! After careful consideration, we at Neo-Creations have decided to shift from modifying Nerf blasters to creating plushie toys!

Nerf Disc Launcher Set - Custom Iron Man Paint Job

I'm sure some of you have seen the Disc Launcher set that Nerf released some time ago, but you haven't seen one quite like this before. I spent many many hours doing an all around awesome matching paint job for the complete set, along with the usual AR and post removal for the Element.