Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anime Banzai 2012

It's been a couple months since we posted anything, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working on anything. We aren't dead, just busy with the convention like we previously posted. I went through a job change along with all of this as well, so things have been busy when it comes to extra time.

As you can see we got quite a bit done for our table at the Anime Banzai convention. We have a number of other water blasters that we were unable to complete for the convention, but which are base-coated and ready for some real action. Now that the convention is over, things have calmed down and we can get to work on next year's stock. I ran into a competent competitor in the area at a local steampunk convention, and I need to my game as he is attempting to undersell me.

We had a lot of fun at the convention and sold almost everything we had. The undead pirate blaster and the Iron Man disc shot set are the only remaining, completed blasters we have left. It was a pretty happy/sad moment when we sold the Longshot. I loved that blaster a lot, and it was definitely worth the $120 the guy paid for it. I'll just finish this up with a few shots of people at the convention holding weapons. I apologize in advance for being unable to get my crappy camera to work with the lighting in at the convention.

Thanks for your continued support for us here at Neo Creations. Even through our busy schedules and frantic times. We will continue to try our best to produce awesome products for everyone. Look forward to 2013 as we plan on stretching Neo Creations further than we have before.


  1. No wonder those customers are so happy! Awesome blasters, Neo!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, they were all pretty happy. We gave out a lot of business cards and already gained a commission from it as well. It looks like we might have a decent amount of business coming our way over this next year.