Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Who: Alpha Meson Blaster

I have a pretty challenging commission ahead of me now.
I have been asked to take this
and turn it into this

In case you don't recognize the gun, it is the Alpha Meson Blaster from Dr.Who.
This isn't a project that hasn't been done by others in the past, so I have a decent amount of source material to look at for the build, but it will be the first project in which I will have to custom fabricate a number of parts.
If you couldn't tell by looking at the handles, the Alpha Meson Blaster was, in fact, made from a Nerf Scout IX-3. Obviously it's been heavily modified, and chances are that it won't be a functional blaster once it's done. Unless the function you want is picking up all the hot convention chics with your Alpha Meson Blaster, and making all of your former friends jealous. (former as in they'll probably kill you to get it)
The scouts came in a pack of two, so that means I will in fact be making two of these!
The first is already spoken for, but the second can be had for a mear $85 (+shipping and handling)
I'll post up as the project goes along so you can get the inside scoop on the build. So keep watching!

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