Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to Neo Creations!

Hello all you Nerfers out there. My name is Ben Allred and this is Neo Creations. I customize Nerf blasters, as well as Buzz Bee blasters, squirt guns, and anything else I might just get my hands on. I am mostly versed, and very well indeed, in steam punk paint jobs, but plan to fill this blog with other creations such as video game and movie inspired customization. I will also be doing my best to get a hold of new guns as they come out, and giving you all a look as I test them out, paint them all snazzy looking, and modifying them in the simplest ways I know how; all the while passing on this useful and hopefully appealing information.

But enough with the worded introduction.

I feel it wouldn't be wholly proper to introduce myself without examples of my work. So here you go.

So there you go. A great look at what has been and what is to come. If you would like to check out the rest of my mods feel free to head over to my deviantart where you can find all sorts of cool stuff, along with prices if you feel so inclined to commission me for one of these fine styled blasters.

And on one last note, I am currently working on getting an actual website up and running as well. So keep  lookout in the near future.


  1. Everything looks awesome! Great job!

  2. Amazing i look forward to see more


  3. How do you make the guns look old?

    1. I'm not really good at describing how I do things, which is one reason I haven't tried to make any videos. I learned all I do (except the woodwork stuff) by watching youtube tutorials for steampunk guns. There are plenty of videos that explain a number of ways to get the older look. all I really can say that I didn't see on the videos is that I beat up the look of my gun before I paint it.