Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Just For Nerf

Hello there everyone,
Today I'd like to bring you all something a little different, but only slightly so. Instead of a Nerf blaster, this time it's an Air Soft M14!
My brother in law has, for some time now, wanted us to paint up one of his air soft guns. This has changed over time on exactly which one, but eventually we got a hold of one of them; an M14.
Basically we took what looked like this:

And made it look like this:

I know what you're thinking right now! OMG That's awesome!!!
Cause it is!
I'd like to throw special thanks to my wife, the other half of Neo Creations, who performed such an outstanding job on this gun. It turned out so amazingly awesome that the guy at the store my brother in law took it to, to remove the orange tip, said it was one of the best at home paint jobs he's seen on an Air Soft rifle. Kudos!
Anyway, it was fun for us to do, and gives us a little confidence boost, knowing we can do things other than Nerf.

On another side note, I finally started up a "Commissions" page on my blog. The link is up top below the logo. It has a few examples of my best work, and an email address for you to contact me if you ever are interested.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you later.


  1. I have an AR15 airsoft gun just chilling at my place... Perhaps I should bring that over and see what happens.

    1. If you live in Utah, you could bring it over and commission me for a few bucks to get it painted. (By a few bucks, I know my bro in law is payin me about $50 for the paintjob on the M14. so be prepared XD)

  2. When I first saw the pic I was like why is he posting pics of real guns!

    1. Yeah. It looks really really cool, but pics are no match for how awesome it is in hand.

  3. Looks fantastic! There's no limit to what project you can make look great!