Sunday, February 5, 2012

Work Of Progress: Longshot CS-6

Hello everyone,
This is just a quick progress update on another one of my projects. The Nerf Longshot CS-6
I never realized just how much gun there was until I got it apart and started spraying a base coat on the pieces to be painted. It took about 4 cans and an hour to get everything well sprayed. Now another 2 hours into it, just hand painting some details, I finally realized how much there is; as I still have a lot more to do.

I added a little bit of color again this time. I really like how it's turning out. It may not look like I painted much, but trust me when I say it took a decent amount of time, as I did my best to keep it form having tons of brush strokes in the paint. I wanted it to look good, not just another brush painted gun.

This is the pile of stuff I still have to add detail to, aside from the long time necessary to finish the main parts of the shell. I like to be thorough with my paint jobs.

And this is a quick picture of the front gun shell lined up with the main shell. I'm sure this is gonna look ridiculously awesome when I'm done.
Anyway, I'd love to here what you think so far.


  1. I can't wait 2 see it finished!

    1. Me either. I will hopefully get it done tonight. I'll also be posting up pics of the M14 airsoft gun my wife painted with the finished Longshot.