Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creatology Super Strike Blaster Review

So, I usually don't do reviews, but I found a blaster I had never seen before at a Michael's craft store of all places. It was only $7 so I really had no choice but to buy it.

The blaster looks pretty cool so I was mildly disappointed with performance. Though from first appearances, looking at the weird slit barrels and such that are common on some cheaper blasters, It wasn't too surprising. However the kids face on the box is one of the most awesome expressions I've seen on a blaster box. They get a thumbs up for that.

The blaster is called the Super Strike, but it was anything but super as it hit maybe 20 ft ranges flat. I didn't bother trying an angled shot. The foam darts are pretty ok, but definitely not the best quality darts out there.
The handle is pretty short, but, because of the thickness, wasn't too uncomfortable to hold.
At first I thought the turret rotated off the trigger pull like Mavericks and some older Tek 6 blasters (and I say so in my review video), but after some inspection it seems that it starts top dead center, kinda half  moves when you pull the trigger (this could and probably does cause a decent loss of the pressure heading into the barrel), and then finishes it's travel when you let go of the trigger. So movement kind of like a maverick, but a little retarded in that it seems to me that it moves away from the pressure release area. I will have to take it apart to be sure though.

I actually really like the blasters looks and size. It would be a good pocket sized backup if it can be modded to reach at least half decent ranges. I will definitely be tearing this thing apart in hopes of some decent easy mods, though I fear that it is in most desperate need of a re-barreling. This saddens me because the turret is pretty cool looking and I don't want to destroy that.

All in all... It's a $7 blaster... Not much more I can say about it than that. You barely get what you came for. Which, in this case, is a blaster that's good for kids as young as 6 years old. It definitely won't hurt a 6 year old, so they hit the nail on the head there.

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