Sunday, April 1, 2012

Neo-Creations Shift in Products

Hello! After careful consideration, we at Neo-Creations have decided to shift from modifying Nerf blasters to creating plushie toys!

Aren't they cute?!

A fun fact: Neo-Creations originally was designed to be a plushie manufacturer, but the more testosterone-prone of us decided modding Nerf guns would be "cooler" than making stuffed animals! Ha!

We also want to focus on clothing and costume fabrication. We think that plushie toys, instead of Nerf guns, will give us a broader audience, so look forward to seeing more cutesy items from us!


  1. Can you paint that Dino in a steam punk style? Lol

    1. I'll just attach some steam punk guns and a monocle to him and he'll be all set.

  2. Late reply to the comments, but yes this was an april fools joke XD. sort of... My wife has always been into making plushies, and we had originally planned on making plushies before I even started the nerf guns. She has a working sewing machine now, though, and will probably begin to make stuff like this, which she will post up on here as her contributions to the neo creations (though she already contributes soooo much, being the one who is amazingly good with the word work paint jobs on the guns.)