Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hiatus Coming To An End

I'm sure you have all been wondering where I went. So have I.

I have been ridiculously busy since even a little before my birthday back in May. The reason? My wife and I bought our first house, and it's been an adventure trying to get everything going again, on top of the 10 hour/6day a week schedule I've been battling at work.

I still haven't had time to get any of my Nerf stuff unpacked. I have commissions that have been waiting for way too long now, and I have been overly exhausted from all of this, along with trying to get my 51 Chevy Pickup up and going.

So... busy busy... However I will need to kick it into high gear. I promised a commission finished by this weekend, so I gotta stick to it. It is another Nerf Hornet, but this one will be even more awesome than the last. I had originally chosen a winner for the giveaway (Chris), but he has yet to get back to me, so I will choose someone else, and dig up the blaster to get it sent.

So... Hiatus... Yeah...


  1. Wow! I got a whole new post for my question! That's SERVICE! Congrats on the new home, Neo! Take your time, life comes first.

    1. I'm just glad someone seemed to miss me enough to show it XD I felt like putting up an explanation a week or so ago, but I just haven't had time. Speaking of time, off to work again. Another 10 dreaded hours. I really need a job I enjoy to work this much >_<

  2. Ouch. My family just moved too--I know how discombobulating that is. Hope you get things in order soon!

  3. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hope you get back on track dude , I dont have a wife , or a job or a Chevy 51 but I am moving , so yeah get back