Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back in the Game With a Hornet That'll Blow Your Mind!

Hello again everyone!
So, everything's settled, and I'm getting back up to speed. I had a quick commission I had to finish before a steampunk convention last week, and it spurred a quick recovery to the Nerf world for me. Selling a few vintage things I found also helped get me a few extra bucks to get back in the game.
I know some of you liked the last Hornet that we did here at Neo-Creations. Well, get ready to drop that jaw when you look at the most recent one, and probably the best faux-wood work we have done to date!

So, without further ado...

Is your mind blown yet? That right there is about 6 hours worth of hand painted wood! I had an idea going into this project on how I wanted it to look, and the end result did not disappoint. The only lamentation is that I had decided on a sell price with the commissioner before going into it, and I'll just tell you that she got it for a steal, compared to the work that went into this baby.

On top of that we did a quick and simple paint on a little buzz bee 3 shot pistol. Turned out pretty good as well, though there are a few outside the lines mistakes made as a result of time constraints. Overall, it still looks great, and was a lot fun. The commissioner was never disappointed, and assured us she'd be sending more work our way.

So that's it. Look for more updates, more consistently. We have a table at the local Anime Banzai conventions artist alley, and have close to 90 blasters to get finished in the next 2 months! Gonna be another close race for us to get things done. Last year we did half that many and painted about 7-8 of them while at the convention because we ran out of time. This year will be even more difficult as we are hopefully going to have everything clear coated as well. Wish us luck!


  1. Looks fantastic!! That's just a spectacular job on the wood painting for that hornet! Glad you're back in the game if THIS is what we have to look forward to!!

  2. Nice! Looks great!

  3. Wow you turned a tek 3 into something that is actually desirable

  4. That Hornet is jaw-dropping! Makes me want to get into painting.