Friday, March 15, 2013

Commission Week: Day 1 - Teardown

Hello everybody! It's time for the old Neo Creations you know and love to return.

I received a commission the other day and have one week to complete it. So I decided to keep you all filled in on the progress as I go along. The commission was for 4 Nerf Mavericks and 1 Nerf Barrel Break done in steampunk style. So keep watching as I go through my day to day progress from tear down to ship out.

There's a whole lot to do, and I am actually doing a little more than just the aforementioned commission this week. I was also given a commission last October that I was unable to get to because weather was too cold for me to do any base coats/clear coats etc... I am getting to that now. It is the rifle you see in the picture.

These screwdrivers... OH how I hate them! Yet it's all I have at the moment. I prefer to use manual screwdrivers as I feel it's easier to get screws out without stripping them. However, if any of you have used these you'll know how much pain they can cause your fingers after an hour of using one to tear down blasters.

This is also part of the buzz bee rifle commission. It's my old Longstrike! I did this back before I was starting to clear coat things, and it's seen a little bit of wear since I sold it a year and a half ago. (Although I was very happy with how well the paint held up without clear coat for that time) Since the customer has been pretty loyal, and very awesome I told him I was going to touch this baby up and clear coat it for him for free!

And this is the last item. I have a number of blasters that all got base coated back in October before the Anime Banzai convention. This is the first one I've gotten around to painting, but I plan to get them all painted, clear coated, and loaded up on my Etsy store over the next month or so. I also picked up 4 more Mavericks when I bought the 4 for the commission and plan on working on those in the coming months as well.

As far as the Barrel Break goes, I was unable to find one locally so I had to order one off eBay. It will be coming about mid-end of the commission week so I am going to have to freight train through it to get it done on time. Tom, if you're reading this, I will try my best to get everything done in time and shipped out like I said, so don't worry. I know you'll be happy with the blasters once you get them.

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