Sunday, May 5, 2013

WTF China?! TaoBao Is Full Of Weird And Awesome

So, I know that China loves to pretend copyright laws don't exist... or at least it seems that way some times.

Now I don't know if you've ever had the enjoyment of looking through the TaoBao website, (Basically a Chinese eBay) but if you have, you will probably have noticed a number of things that made you tilt your head or maybe wish you could get your hands on for it's unique look.

Well, through a recent fun search through this interesting selection I found a few, that I thought were worth noting to everyone else.

Now first up we have this... I dunno what it is... I don't read Chinese sadly, and Mozilla didn't offer any immediate translation for the site. All I'm going to say is I thought it was a Praxis rip off, until I looked closer that is.

For some reason this Praxis comes with darts, not discs. It also has a little 'on/off' switch above the trigger. Now I wish I knew what was going on because if I didn't know any better I'd say they took what appears to be a praxis and is now running darts through a probable flywheel system. I can say I would love to own this for a number of reasons. More information can be found at this link.

Now the next up. I originally thought it was just a Tommy 20 rip off. It has a very similar style of setup with the drum and such. Then I noticed the shotgun style priming handle. Yeah the last blaster had a similar handle, but I'm pretty sure the above mentioned Praxis rip off handle doesn't move, and is only there for appearance, whereas the handle in this is easily shown in two positions.

 Aside from those notes, and what I think is an awesome look for the blaster we then move on to the darts. I've never seen darts like this, and they look pretty interesting. My worry with the shape is that they will catch air a lot harder, and therefore not fly as far. Either way, this is another blaster I'd love to get a hold of, with more information being found here.

 The last is another very awesome rifle style blaster. I would love both of these two blasters for the amazing paint job possibilities of the two. I love the curved clip too. This one appears to work and function just like a Recon in the way it primes and such, but with a much cooler look. This one is really the big one that makes me wish this rip off was sold in the states. You can check it out here.

This quick little walk through China town really opened my eyes to some awesome looks and interesting designs. I really wish I had the money to order some of these things up. Who knows, in the future maybe we'll see some interesting works like these too. I know a lot of people like to hype up the new stuff coming out, but I think it's also interesting to see what happens to the old systems, elsewhere in the world.



    Second blaster resemblance?

  2. Wow! I think I'd want the praxis dup most of all.
    Cool finds :)

  3. Those last two are rip offs of X-Shot